It all started from a simple dream: to combine the love for their land with the passion for Lamborghinis. In 2017 this dream has become reality. In fact, Bull Days was born as a reference event of Lamborghini Club Italia, dedicated to owners of supercars of the House of the Bull.

The first edition of Bull Days crossed the Veneto and Friuli landscape among unique historical centers and wonderful villas. The second edition, on the other hand, traveled the roads of the most famous Italian region in the world: Tuscany. Among the most memorable moments of the 2019 edition stands out above all the arrival of the Lamborghini in Piazza dei Miracoli in the shadow of the Tower of Pisa, as well as the one in Piazza del Campo in Siena, where the horses came out to let the bulls in.

Among estates, castles, prestigious hotels, gala dinners, product presentations, dream locations and breathtaking views, each edition has been able to touch the true spirit of the Lamborghini owner. Year after year Bull Days has become an unstoppable escalation, from the beauties of the Italian North-East, to those of Siena, Pisa and the Tuscan landscapes known all over the globe, up to Monte-Carlo, in the fabulous French Riviera.

The 2020 edition between the halls of the Casino de Monte-Carlo and the luxurious Hotel & Resort Monte-Carlo Bay, the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, the beauties of Cannes and the landscapes immortalized by movie stars, has sanctioned a real watershed.

From that moment on, nothing has been the same. Bull Days has entered a new Era.


Bull Days has now become an absolute phenomenon, totally independent from the clubs and the parent company. An international community formed by over 1000 Lamborghini owners who share passions, ambitions, the same vision of the world and business. From a strictly luxury-oriented point of view.

A new paradigm that archives the after-sales events, giving life to a universe that recognizes identity and belonging to the passionate owners of the Toro supercar. Brand-leaders of a movement of emotional connections. Helicopters, yachts and many other unique and exclusive experiences become reality in magical locations with great appeal.


Bull Days promotes a new Renaissance capable of repositioning the human being at the center. This philosophy takes shape through a lifestyle that aims at beauty, glamor, happiness, uniqueness and quality. Who are the Man and the Woman Bull Days? Both are self-made personalities who know very well what they want from life: Bull Days man does not like to wait, is determined, ambitious, creative, enterprising; Bull Days woman does not follow mainstream aesthetic canons, has an innate intuition, a refined taste, pays great attention to what surrounds her. Both love to travel and live in the most magical and famous locations in the world, without ever underestimating the charm of lesser known places and for this always exciting.

Bull Days reflects an exclusive and independent elite that takes shape from a shared vision of passions, ambitions and goals. The brands and affiliated members are a reflection of unique and determined personalities. An international ecosystem founded on a new concept of luxury, where what really matters is Being, beyond just owning.