The Bull Days Luxury Experience phenomenon has highlighted a great desire in the Bull Days community: to express their strong passion for the Motorsport universe while driving. The full intensity is certainly found in driving its own Supercar on the track. Bull Days Adrenaline is in fact a parallel and exclusive entity that runs parallel to the Bull Days experience calendar. To become a BULL DAYS PILOT, with the sports driving course organized by one of the most important circuits in the world. The values of sustainability, mobility and communication blended in new ways that combine adventure, comfort, relaxation and conviviality.


Staff, dedicated areas and paddocks, free non-competitive races in prestigious racetracks. Adrenaline-filled emotions blinded by the roar of the engines and the standing ovations of the public. Passion for speed, feeling with the wind, pure adrenaline, which thunders directly on the track.


The Sports Driving course is held directly by the leading instructors. Each pilot is given a Bull Days helmet and overalls by Sparco, as well as the allocation of his own car in a dedicated personal box. The development of activities on the track is monitored and recorded by the “Control Centre”, with data collection and processing. The reserved lounge area welcomes accompanying people, from where they can watch the track sessions of “their” pilot. They can also take part in the final lap as a passenger.


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