Bull Days partner of “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend”: 2° film on Apple TV USA

After success at the World Premiere in Rome, the film “Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend,” with Bull Days technical partner, conquers the U.S. by entering the podium of the most viewed films on Apple TV

After success at the World Premiere in Rome, the film “Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend,” with Bull Days technical partner, conquers the U.S. by entering the podium of the most viewed films on Apple TV

“LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend”: the biographical film about the life of legend Ferruccio Lamborghini takes the podium just days after its release in the United States. The film, produced by Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and Lambo Film, in executive by ILBE and Notorious Pictures, has climbed the U.S. podium become the second most viewed film on the Apple Tv streaming platform in the “Drama” section and fourth overall.

A planetary triumph that was also the result of the exciting success at the world premiere at Alice nella Città, as part of the Rome Film Festival. Where “Bull Days The Legend” paraded on the Red Carpet alongside Hollywood stars. Our global community was able to brand the World Premiere of the film dedicated to Ferruccio Lamborghini with its unmistakable style.

Film rewards Bull Days Community: exponentially soaring views and global notoriety

Really throwing gasoline on the fire. Coloring the Roman night among the enthusiasm of the people, passing in front of the monumental ruins of Rome, the Colosseum, Via della Liberazione with St. Peter’s Square in the background. In a nutshell: piercing the screen.

Giving its important contribution in terms of show and media impact to the launch of an absolutely historic cinematic event. Similarly, the film also rewards our increasingly world-famous community.

Inside the movie “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend”

“The excellent result recorded in these first days confirms that international audiences appreciate and want to know more and more about the beautiful stories of Made in Italy entrepreneurship,” this is the comment of ILBE CEO Andrea Iervolino.

The film “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend,” written and directed by Oscar winner Bobby Moresco, is set in the postwar period bringing a 100 percent Italian story to the big screen. The man behind the legend. The life of the legendary founder of the House of the Bull and the famous rivalry with Enzo Ferrari. The camera penetrates the heart of 1950s Italy, capturing a country grappling with the transition to a more industrialized modernity

The film presented in Rome with “Bull Days The Legend” technical partner, featured Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War), Mira Sorvino (Oscar winner for The Goddess of Love), Gabriel Byrne (Golden Globe for In Treatment) and Hannah Van Der Westhuy (Fate – The Winx).

In addition to the big names, “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” also involved Italian actors and talent. Among them: Romano Reggiani, Fortunato Cerlino, rapper Clementino, Lorenzo Viganò, Giovanni Antonacci (son of Biagio Antonacci and grandson of Gianni Morandi), as well as Matteo Leone and Francesca Tizzano.

SAVE THE DATE JANUARY 2023: The movie on Prime Video and release Bull Days Program through 2025

After its incredible success, first at the Rome Film Festival and then on Apple TV, this exciting cinematic narrative is ready to land in the Bel Paese. In fact, Italian audiences’ anticipation is growing for the film’s release scheduled for January 2023 on Prime Video.

Another media wave already on the horizon. Another epic escalation in 2023 projection for the film that has emotionally engaged the entire Bull Days Community and beyond.

So in January, in addition to the release of “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” on Prime Video, the official Bull Days program will also be released with dates on the calendar until 2025. An ambitious plan with important benefits for members of our community and with a big news for historical models.


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