OFFICIAL PREVIEW "Bull Box" the temple of Luxury Car Care is born

OFFICIAL PREVIEW "Bull Box" the temple of Luxury Car Care is born

Garage? No, BULL BOX. Garage? No, BULL BOX. Activate the custom-built living environment around your Lambo

Garage? No, BULL BOX. Garage? No, BULL BOX. Activate the custom-built living environment around your Lambo

From motorsport event to multi-sensory experience, from international brand to true universe in the image of Lamborghini collector. From the licensed products coordinated with its supercar unveiled in Monte Carlo, to the line of “Luxury Car Make Up” for Nano Ceramic Detailing presented in Naples. It is now being defined as a dizzying evolution, a veritable Bull Days World. The latest evolution has the resounding, an exclusive service that unifies and expands the horizon of our brand, of our passion.

DNA, shared belief, congenital feeling that for the Lamborghini brand, heart that beats to the rhythm of the engine, in a nutshell the everyday life of the Bull Days man and woman. A motorsport instinct ready now to spread like an out-of-control lava flow. A shock that transforms one’s domestic comfort zone into an adrenaline zone.

BULL BOX: the latest evolution of Bull Days World

We are talking about the new garage concept “BULL BOX”. A living environment branded Bull Days capable of combining the refinement of design with the uniqueness of the automobile. A new paradigm that focuses on the intimacy of the man-supercar relationship in a familiar but exclusive living context. A garage reinvented in an eccentric and futuristic way. Habitat #LikeNobodyElse and magnetic that stands out for its uniqueness, authentic design space in symbiosis with the living context of one’s home.

Luxury oasis dedicated to one’s passion to be shared in Bull Days Community style. With the Bull Box, the concept of the garage is surpassed, releasing it from its sole function of car storage, transforming it into a living space with an original and expositional touch.

How to design a lambo-oriented luxury oasis

The idea is inspired by luxury locations, especially in cities such as Dubai, Monaco, and Singapore, where special “sky garages” arise where one can admire one’s cars from the comfort of the sofa. The garage is thus an integral part of the home’s décor.

A project that is attracting the attentions of many Lamborghini owners looking for a partner capable of redesigning their spaces. “Bull Box” thus takes the form of an exclusive design and conceptualization service for luxury concept garages.

Born out of a partnership with the most renowned national and international architectural firms specializing in the interior design of modern garages, Bull Box is an unprecedented offer aimed at the domestic market that combines style and passion for the “bulls of Sant’Agata” in a skillful mix of technical needs and design. The wide range of furnishings, solutions and accessories for every need, thanks to collaborations with the most exclusive design brands guarantee taylor-made design down to the smallest detail.

To complete the Bull Box experience a wide variety of hi-tech accessories: from high-end tools dedicated to car care or maintenance, to carry out small interventions, to smart home automation delegated to ensure greater safety as well as usability of spaces.

Sound insulation – Fine dust extractors – Anti-theft – Environmental controls – Surveillance – Professional equipment – Power charging – Home automation.

Bull Box transforms your garage into an oasis of luxury dedicated to one’s passions and moments of leisure, where one’s motoring collection is at the center of a space personalized down to the smallest detail.

Choose or create from scratch your Bull Box

There are many ways to design your own bull box, but few that allow you not to distort its identity, so as not to lose its essence: the car parked inside it. A lifestyle space where you can feel at home in a whole new way, pleasant place, perfect refuge where you can spend your free time.

The different furnishing requirements, which can be modulated according to the tastes and living contexts of enthusiasts, always start from the common idea of furnishing the garage starting with the car. The design of the furniture, calibrated to measure, thus creates a complete balance in the eyes of the collector.

Below are some possible examples.

A sofa, an armchair and a piece of furniture to make the garage a hospitable living room. If the garage is small, furnishing it with all the comforts will make it the garage of dreams.

Room in which to relax, perhaps soaking in your own hot tub or rejuvenating in the sauna or steam room.

The tavern, a common dream, a place to take refuge or share a healthy passion for cars with friends and family, perhaps sipping good wine in front of delicious food.

A comfortable living room, a large flat screen, a foosball table or darts positions. If you want to take your Bull Cave to the next level, go ahead and add a mini-bar with a kitchenette or, whatever you like best, be it console or workshop cabinets.

Private workshop for motor lovers where they can take care of their bolide, equipped with all the amenities to make any work on their St. Agatha bull easy.

Bull sound studio, an authentic musical space animated on the notes of the most iconic artists of the past and present who, just like the four-wheeled legends of St. Agatha have dictated and continue to dictate ever-changing trends.

A choice for the daring, an elevated garage where an elevator or other dedicated devices bring one’s car directly into the home. Right in the window like a precious work of art.

Imagine enjoying a healthy training session, between free body circuits and grueling reps with cast iron, looking up to admire your lambo. Symbol of strength and power, stimulus and motivation to always improve.

Why not combine your passion for cars with your passion for wine? With Bull winery, your Lambo will become the style icon of your private wine cellar, an object of contemplation and stimulus for discussion while, with friends and family, you savor important wines that will intoxicate your heart and spirit.

A fully furnished Lambo-themed cinema in which to immerse yourself for hours of entertainment and fun, enjoying cult movies, following Formula 1 or motorsport races. All with one’s trusty supercar by one’s side. Perhaps watching together with her just the new film by Bobby Moresco coming out in theaters about Ferruccio Lamborghini:  “Lamborghini – The Man behind the Legend”.

With Bull Boxes, the thrill of speed and a sense for adventure meet the warmth and safety of home.


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