Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022 reconfirms itself at the top

Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022 reconfirms itself at the top

The triumph of the Bull Days Community beyond all expectations: enthusiasm, teamwork, hundreds of fans and new trends.

The triumph of the Bull Days Community beyond all expectations: enthusiasm, teamwork, hundreds of fans and new trends.

A great Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022 concluded on Sunday. Three days full of passion, enthusiasm, desire to meet, sharing experiences, visions and values. Another great success that again registered satisfaction with the attendance and congratulations from the government of the Principality of Monaco. In particular for the quality of the work, impeccable behavior and ethics followed by all participants.


Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022 also saw the entry of several newcomers to the community. In fact, many Lamborghini supercar owners were participating in Bull Days for the first time. The new crews were “educated” by the historic Bull members, who were able to best convey to them the philosophy and values that animate the world’s largest network of collectors of the bull’s luxury cars.

The novices were guided with friendship, passion and a sense of belonging. Almost an initiation step to truly become part of a unique group. The result? An unprecedented mix of enthusiasm, an unstoppable wave of euphoria that further amplified the reach and impact of the Bull Days Community on all fronts.

In fact, to meet the growing demand on the upcoming Bull Days dates, which are already sold out, new intermediate events have been developed. Thus giving everyone a chance to relive unique experiences and reconnect with new friends in the community.

Upcoming dates already on the calendar:

BULL DAYS VESUVIUM July 29,30,31, 2022

BULL DAYS MOTOR VALLEY September 16,17,18, 2022

BULL DAYS PIEDMONT October 14-15-16, 2022


The Monaco-Grasse-San Remo tour crossed three states leaving everyone speechless. It was an unforgettable mix of breathtaking landscapes, ancient stories, precious secrets and exclusive, multi-sensory experiences. A journey made possible also thanks to the thorough relay work with all the local police who escorted the line of supercars to the most wow locations.

The roadshows did not disappoint expectations, respecting the tradition of previous editions. Along the route there was some difficulty in keeping the convoy of lambo cars together at all times, things that are however normal for the Bull Days staff.

In fact, to meet this need, a device will be launched that will allow participants not to get lost. One more treat to make the community tours more and more performant and flowing.

Beyond expectations the response of the public. Especially in San Remo where the waterfront of the city of flowers and music was literally invaded by hundreds of Bull Days fans. Once again demonstrating the key role played by the stage partners in acting as intermediaries between the various local authorities and administrations. Above all, The Mall Sanremo and Galimard, who were able to weave institutional relations excellently, expanding the media wave of the event and fan attendance at their respective locations.

An event capable of creating new trends

Beyond expectations also the feedback and enthusiasm generated around the exclusive products signed Bull Days Monte Carlo. The Bull Sneakers from main sponsor Maripé Monte Carlo garnered huge success, not only from lambo owners eager to wear a coordinated and exclusive outfit, but also from the many fans.

The two works of art shaped by the genius of Italo Fontana also left everyone speechless. U-BOAT‘s special edition timepieces for Bull Days were able to translate the most authentic soul and congenital passion that unites all members of the community.

Products so unique that any label felt tight. Licensed collections that have exceeded all standards. Proof that Bull Days is increasingly turning into a format capable of creating new trends. Absolutely irresistible.


Thanks for such an unforgettable edition go to all sponsors, partners, administrations, associations, entities, and especially to the People who actively contributed to the success of Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022.

Merit must be given to Maripé for supporting as Main Sponsor this Bull Days.

Thanks that are added to those for the other partners and host realities: The Mall Sanremo, Galimard, U-BOAT, Monaco Brands, AMI, Luisita Beach, Fairmont Monte Carlo, Horizon Rooftop, Solenzara Plage, Nikki Beach Monte Carlo, Victory Morgana Bay, Fenice Principality of Monaco and Venetia Communication.

A grand event made possible also thanks to the fundamental collaboration with the Principality of Monaco, the city of Grasse and the municipality of San Remo. An axis capable of evoking ancient alliances and charting the course for future editions of Bull Days.

ph. Francesco Patti

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