U-BOAT is Official Sponsor of Bull Days

U-BOAT is Official Sponsor of Bull Days

U-BOAT & BULL DAYS: the partnership ready to mark a new dimension in the timeline. The countdown has begun.

U-BOAT & BULL DAYS: the partnership ready to mark a new dimension in the timeline. The countdown has begun.

When passion, love of beauty and art, made-in-Italy authenticity and the desire to inhabit the essence of things align on the same course, that is the precise moment when history enters the scene. U-BOAT is an official sponsor of Bull Days.

The prestigious Made in Tuscany watch brand, present with boutiques around the world and active in more than 60 key markets, has chosen to join our community by sharing 100 percent of the philosophy that has shaped the largest network and pop phenomenon dedicated to owners and collectors of Lamborghini supercars.

U-BOAT timepieces synchronize with the cylinders of the Lambo Bull Days. The countdown has begun. Two undisputed design icons, works of art that follow the rhythm of time. Two emotional engines that fuse the dualistic nature of existence into one. A hymn to the moment that lives in the interval between the lightning-fast speed of a supercar and the inexorable rhythm of the minutes flowing on the dial. The watch, from timepiece to counter of unique emotions.

U-BOAT is a unique brand that is perfectly reflected in the Bull Days mantra: LIKE NOBODY ELSE.

U-BOAT: international symbol of Italian design

For 20 years, U-BOAT has been forging handcrafted and limited-edition pieces, all designed by the creative genius of Italo Fontana. The company is based in a country “villa” surrounded by hills, just 15 minutes from the ancient medieval walls of Lucca, in the heart of Tuscany. A land of great inspiration for Italo Fontana whose creativity is a miscellany of objects, atmospheres and particular places that surround him.

Each U-BOAT creation is undoubtedly an expression of the values of Made in Tuscany in the world.

“I have always been fascinated by design, I create in total freedom, I don’t follow any trend. I try to do what other brands don’t do. I don’t have the obligation to always create the same things”


The finesse of manufacture and design thus come from a land full of stimuli, rich in culture and creativity. In U-BOAT watches, the essence of the place of origin meets the innovation born from the vision of a pioneering man, a spark of unique design. Exclusive limited edition pieces, tailor-made for the end recipient, born of the finest Italian craftsmanship.

U-BOAT watches are characterized by strong personality, perfect visibility and readability in all weather conditions, as well as unique, bold and distinctive design. U-BOAT like a submarine descends into the depths of the moment.

U-BOAT wants to make itself understood immediately, without wasting time or having it wasted, because it is always a matter of moments.

U-BOAT creates special edition for Bull Days

Tuscan style and inspiration now point to the Principality of Monaco thanks to the Bull Days Monte Carlo device. Indeed, it will be the upcoming Monaco edition that will see the birth of Italo Fontana’s next creation.

In fact, the new U-BOAT timepiece designed for the Bull Days brand will soon be unveiled. An exclusive object, the absolute emblem of the largest community on the planet of bull supercar collectors. A special edition artifact that will be available for purchase directly in the BULL DAYS SHOP.

Instead, during Bull Days Monte Carlo a true watchmaking unicum will be presented, which as promised by Italo Fontana, will be a work capable of leaving everyone speechless.


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