PUBLIC PROGRAM: Where to admire the community’s supercars

PUBLIC PROGRAM: Where to admire the community’s supercars

24 JUNE – Monte Carlo

12.00 lambo arrival at Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel facility (12 Av. des Spélugues)

18.00 formation of the convoy of supercars

19.00 opening of the “Bull Days Monte Carlo” tour.

Departure toward Roquebrune-Cape-Martin along the coastline

20.00 car exhibition in privatized area with show cooking & sparkling wines at restaurant SOLENZARA Plage


21.00 Inaugural Bull Days Monte Carlo dinner at Solenzara. Exclusive beach experience with white dress code.

25 JUNE – Grasse

08.30 departure with destination GRASSE along the Napoleon road

12.00 Arrival of the Bull Days Community in the city of Grasse with reception by public institutions

21.00 exhibition of the supercars in front of the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo

26 JUNE – Sanremo

09.00 departure with destination SANREMO along the Coast

10:00 start of Sanremo tour with road show in the historic center (Pian di Poma, Foce, Via Nino Bixio, Corso O. Raimondo, Via Fiume, Rondò Garibaldi, Corso Garibaldi, Piazza Colombo, Via Roma, Corso Mombello, Carceri, Porto Vecchio, Corso Trento Trieste)

10:30-12:00 Lambo exhibition at the Corso Trento Trieste bike path starting from Victory Morgana Bay, with reception by public institutions

12.00 departure with destination THE MALL Sanremo with subsequent exposure of the supercars in the privatized parking lot

16.30 award ceremonies

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