Global Cities network rewrites the geography of Bull Days

Global Cities network rewrites the geography of Bull Days

BULL DAYS SERENISSIMA: a new chapter of history written

Lamborghinis and gondolas, historic boats and luxury supercars. Bold shapes and hues of aerodynamic design intertwined with the Gothic and Byzantine decorations of Venice and its lands of conquest. Defined details, sculpted into immortal shapes capable of hybridizing with the changing body of waves and dunes. Sweet and salty waters, golden sands, architecture and unforgettable emotions marked the Serenissima Edition of Bull Days. From the Veneto region, the focus is now on Dubai and the global cities.

It smells of sea and sand, of history and art, it tells about the people of the waters the three days of the BULL DAYS SERENISSIMA Edition that sailed Venice, gliding in the wake of the Belle Epoque at the Venice Lido, anchored Caorle and re-embraced the Friuli of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The en plein of successes is of the team! Many thanks to: the audience and the Bull Days community, the public administrations, the local authorities, the hotels, the restaurants, the bars, the entrepreneurs and the professionals who supported us. With the certainty of a new future to build together.


In these years many realities have contributed to make Bull Days a real phenomenon. The thanks for these results is due to those who embrace the Bull Days among its growth and development strategies, such as: Public administrations, territorial authorities, banks, agencies, hotels, restaurants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, associations, artists.

Credit must be given above all to Caorle, the “Small Venice”, for its virtuosity that as a mastermind has brought on the route of Bull Days also the other cities of the Veneto coast and beyond.

Carrying the message from the Lido of Venice to Lignano, passing through the Queen of the Seas, Porto Santa Margherita, the Brussa, paying homage to the Terre Emerse of the hinterland, passing through Jesolo and touching the nearby Friuli, guests of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

BULL DAYS SERENISSIMA brings in contact and in relation with many other public and private realities the patronage of the City of Caorle, Venice and Lignano Sabbiadoro, with those of the Consortium of Reclamation Veneto Orientale, Chamber of Commerce Venice Rovigo and Consortium Arenili Caorle. Creating an authentic interconnection between continents. Acting as a bridge between nations, lands, seas and seasons.

Result of the Bull Days calendar that, in its continuous work in progress, involves and highlights all the territories that are protagonists at the same time, before, during and after the realization of the programs. In a media blend capable of sealing the achievement of ambitious and avant-garde visions.


To be counted among the highlights of the Serenissima edition, is definitely the parade of the 54 Lamborghini at the Lido di Venezia. A historic and absolutely unprecedented step. The supercars, embarked from Santa Marta on four Boscolo Bielo barges, disembarked in front of Ca’Bianca on the Lido.

Displaying the luxury cars in the square of the Nicelli Airport. The historic air terminal is the oldest commercial airport in Italy. A masterpiece of rationalist architecture with two firsts: it has always remained active from 1935 to the present day and in 2014 it earned third place on the BBC’s list of the world’s 10 most beautiful airports. Also equipped with a heliport, at a glance it looks like “a steamship moored on a sea of grass.”

While the Supercars and Hypercars were on display at the Nicelli, the crews enjoyed the charm of the Hotel Excelsior, dining in places that have marked the history of Cinema. The Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort is a Myth. An oasis of relaxation that is staged in a fairy-tale five-star luxury palace. A structure of great charm and architectural Moorish charm. A luxurious and iconic Resort, always loved and frequented by the international jet-set. Every year the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, transforms the rooms of the Excelsior into a film set. A prestigious and legendary hotel that has hosted the Bull Days Serenissima.


Bull Days Serenissima has brought the ancient traditions and historicity of Caorle to coincide with the trends of the world of luxury. Caorle, with its modern urban redevelopments, as well as receptive facilities such as de luxe hotels, sophisticated restaurants and bistros, is absolutely entitled to be among the destinations where you can live innovative, unusual and exotic luxury experiences.

The Serenissima Edition further demonstrated the emotional impact of Bull Days. An experience supported by the scientific application of the Gunther Model, learned and applied by Stefano Cigana, creator and founder of Bull Days, working in close contact with Professor Maurizio Mian.

Able to transmit and apply the characteristic behaviors with which the human being, respecting certain pivotal points, tends to reach, expand and transmit happiness.


After Caorle and the Veneto coastline, Bull Days is ready to fly to the Arab Emirates. Dubai, one of the world capitals of luxury, will be the theater of a sumptuous experience. From the Adriatic Sea with its lagoons, to the Rubʿ al-Khālī, the Arabian desert, to the best locations around the globe.

Miami, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Saint Moritz, Monte-Carlo, South Africa, Saint-Tropez, California, Abu Dhabi: just some of the dream destinations of the next editions. A three-year program capable of developing solid links and networks between international metropolises and iconic places.

A concrete vision, designed with foresight, that allows the Bull Days format to be configured as a system and a perfect nodal point for establishing synergies between continents.

Bull Days: a real phenomenon. A young and already solid reality, an object of admiration and ambition, it is at the same time a factor of observation for its structure and for its short-medium term effects on the territories in which it takes place.

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