The Tauromachia is the ritual spectacle of the fight between bulls and people that has its roots in ancestral cults and beliefs. A ritual with a strong anthropological character, an art form metaphor of the eternal struggle between man and nature, reason and instinct, a propitiatory ritual for universal fertility. The bull is in fact a symbol of the power of natural forces and challenging it has always been an act of great courage and heroism.

Bull Days is the modern evolution of the ancient bullfighting, born in 2017 as the event par excellence of Lamborghini Club Italia, it has now become a brand that takes shape in one of the most important appointments for Lamborghini owners and luxury brands around the world. The Bull Days is neither a rally, nor a parade or a simple event, it is instead an exclusive experience, almost a happening, oriented to an inimitable luxury experience.


“MAN AND WOMAN AS THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS”: Bull Days promotes a new Renaissance capable of putting back at the center of everything the human being. In an age like ours, built no longer on the real needs of the individual but on the efficiency and blind functionality of a techno-centric system, it is more necessary than ever to change course.

This philosophy takes shape through a lifestyle that aims at beauty, glamour, happiness, uniqueness and quality. Who are the Bull Days man and woman? Both are self-made personalities who know very well what they want from life: the man Bull Days does not like to wait, is determined, ambitious, enterprising; the woman Bull Days does not follow mainstream aesthetic canons, has an innate intuition, a refined taste, pays great attention to what surrounds her. Both love to travel and live in the most magical and famous locations in the world without ever underestimating the charm of lesser known but always exciting places.


It is the search for happiness that is the driving force behind what we can call “progress”. It is this state of mind that is a fundamental principle of Bull Days, a feeling that becomes a way of life. The goal of achieving the greatest joy and psycho-physical well-being is combined with emotional involvement. Overwhelming emotions are hidden behind the great discoveries and inventions of men, behind the ideas capable of changing the world. The obsessions of great scientists, philosophers and intellectuals would never have become reality without that fundamental input.


Experience is another distinctive element of Bull Days. Life itself is a line punctuated by new experiences, and it is these experiences that keep us active, lively, in short, alive. The global event par excellence dedicated to Lamborghini supercar owners and luxury brands aims to achieve a luxury experience capable of generating unique, unrepeatable and memorable experiences.


The Bull Days is based on a new concept of luxury. The idea of luxury as an unconditional accumulation of goods, of pure ostentation and status symbol is an obsolete vision and no longer sustainable. Instead, it is urgent to promote a new idea of luxury as an attitude and lifestyle aimed at the enjoyment of the beauties of life, whether they are material or immaterial. The focus is on being and not on having, only in this way it is possible to authentically appreciate the top quality and uniqueness.


Bull Days is a winning model primarily because it is based on a cohesive and close-knit group that shares the same passions, ambitions and worldviews. The sense of belonging is the common thread that gives life to an unparalleled collective identity. Community Bull Days has evolved into an authentic elite. An exclusive circle that needs no introduction. A global network formed by influential figures, celebrities, professionals of the star system, tycoons, brokers: united in being high-profile business people, with an innate passion for Lamborghini supercars.


Bull Days is an international format that wants to go beyond any single-company vision. Both before, during and after the event, the modus operandi aims to establish a vast horizontal network to develop interactions between large companies. The cross-sectoral and multidirectional strategy starts from a “mother” brand, the Bull Days, to extend to other brands forming a network capable of creating new assets.


The human being is by definition a social animal, creating healthy and happy bonds is the key to achieve any goal. Bull Days is the ideal tool to develop and create new relationships and synergies between people, brands, territories and partners. With a huge media reach and a large number of participating entrepreneurs and affiliated companies, it is the perfect medium to generate business opportunities.


Bull Days is not only oriented towards the individual, it was also created to enhance unique territories and dream locations through experiences signed by the most important luxury brands. Every year prestigious traditions, wonderful places and landscapes become the protagonists. The vocation for discovery and exploration finds an unusual combination with the pleasure of appreciating beauty at every latitude.


The Bull Days aims to create a new luxury tourism. Through prestigious offers, new tourist routes and formats, innovative tours, flight experiences, eco-sustainable tourism and contamination between food and wine, art, history and culture. The Bull Days is an international stage where to meet and unite different territories, differentiating and renewing tourist offers to develop new partnerships.


The Bull Days is and will be more and more an incredible flywheel and strategic tool to enhance companies, brands, services and prestigious locations, and create new synergies, assets and partnerships. The economic benefits on the territories combined with the development of new relationships, collaborations and opportunities are the winning ingredient of the business model Bull Days. It is in fact a real international meeting able to involve various economic actors in an informal and elegant context.



Glorified, imitated, denigrated. Never ignored. Bull Days embodies the audacity of being divergent, non-conformist, unconventional. Being crazy, breaking the rules, going outside the box. Having the dream and the strength to be able to enter the story. Like no one else. A real shock wave, an emotional earthquake, a roaring thunder, a hurricane, a shock. Bull Days is much more than a motorsport & luxury event, it is beyond the concept of experience. An absolute pop phenomenon, totally independent. A brand completely detached from the events aimed at selling cars and from the national-popular appointments, commonly called “rallies”. Bull Days has decided to move in total independence, maintaining complete autonomy of action but remaining available to listen to any proposal in line with its philosophy.

Bull Days is BULL DAYS. The rest doesn’t count.